My seat..right?

Something I’ve been musing over since the weekend..( don’t know if it’s a good blog subject but hey I’m new to this)

Saturday night I boarded a train from Oxford to Birmingham New Street luckily found my seat quickly and then oh the usual knot in my stomach as I realised I would have to ask someone to move out of my seat…

I love my train journeys, a booked seat, hopefully a good treat trolley (so important) and even more importantly good travelling companions…

But every time I dread having to ask people to move, in my experience people are normally perfectly fine about it, but not Saturday the girl I had to ask to move was not happy…at all.

I was very glad when she and her friends got off at Leamington Spa.

I’ve since been told that perhaps I should’ve sat somewhere else and given up my seat…
But hang on a moment I paid for that seat. I collected my tickets (and checked every few moments that they were still in my bag) I got to the train station on time for that seat.

So it’s my seat isn’t it…I have every right to move the person sitting in it…don’t I?


2 thoughts on “My seat..right?

  1. Strictly speaking, you don’t pay for a seat, you pay for the journey & accommodation. A seat reservation may be mandatory (advance purchase / ‘booked train only’) or optional (with a more flexible ticket). Either way, you are not mandated to use the specified seat – you may use another seat in a valid area of accommodation, but you do have the right to use your reserved seat if someone else is occupying it. It is sometimes easier to just find another seat assuming there is a reasonable availability on the train. But in answer to your question, yes you can ask someone else to kindly move if they are occupying the seat that you have reserved.

    Also worth noting that someone may board before you and alight after you, so may just be waiting to see if you board for just a portion of their overall journey.


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