In the early hours..

It’s 4:03 am I should be sleeping but it’s so hot, my neighbours dogs are howling and a local fox is making their presence felt too..such a eerie sound.
So I’m here instead trying to think what to write but just rambling.

I’m waiting for a storm, a storm that will hopefully cool everything down but instead the weather has turned silent in Nottinghamshire and we swelter instead.
I long for Autumn, for the sound of leaves crunching under my feet, wrapping up in scarves and hands round a steaming mug of hot wonderful tea.

My whole life I’ve found colder weather much easier to cope with, I’m aware I sound slightly grumpy about having lovely weather but oh goodness it’s hot!!
So I think I shall try to sleep or read, my current read is the excellent The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton. (very good)

I shall endeavour to enjoy the warm weather whilst secretly getting my winter clothes ready…

Just as I finished writing this it began to rain…


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